Workbook 7steps® prelude [2022_12]

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Back in 2015, I published my first book, 7steps® to Flawless Communication.

It was, and still is for many, a game-changer in people's lives, improving the way they communicate.  It was even translated into more than 20 languages! 

With the success of the book, I created the 7steps Program and later, the 7steps Teachers Program to keep expanding these amazingly easy tools in a way that could contribute to the Planet and everyone on it.

This 7steps® Prelude Workbook was created based on my years of experience facilitating these classes around the world and also encapsulates the wisdom of some of the fabulous 7steps Teachers and Trainers.

The workbook provides TOTAL IMMERSION, deep into the 7steps, with new information and many stimulating exercises that you can enjoy while transforming your life and establishing a 'True Connection' with You, other people, animals, and even with the Earth and the Universe.

This version of the 7steps Prelude Workbook is all about the Intimacy of Business called your Life. 

This workbook is no longer usable as a pre-requisite for the Prelude Classes.

However, whether you are attending a 7steps Prelude class or not, this workbook can change your life and activate your flawless communication.

Enjoy the ride!

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Workbook 7steps® prelude [2022_12]

0 ratings
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